Sharing Posts with Google Reader ~ Read What I Read, and Share What You Read!

by gidget on January 19, 2009

in simple & frugal living

The only way I can keep up with as many blogs as I like to read (and still I don’t have time to quite read all of them) is to subscribe to them in an RSS feed reader, specifically, in Google Reader.

In order to quit posting my weekly link love posts and free up a little more of my blogging time, you may have noticed the new widget in the right-hand sidebar that says “Gidget’s Reading/Nicole’s Shared Items”~ now you can always view my five most recently “shared” posts straight from my reader. Whenever I come across a post I really like, I “share” it so others can enjoy it, too! And if you want to see more, just click “Read more…” at the bottom of the widget and it will take you to my shared items page which reads just like a blog of all my compiled shared posts.

I love Google Reader, just like every other Google application because it’s super easy to use and fun to customize. I have mine set up with categories to keep track of my blogs better and I can even read the posts shared by my contacts who use Google Reader right in my own reader.

Here are a few Reader-related posts/items to help you get started with setting yours up if you’d like to. All you need is a Google account, and if you have Gmail, just click the “Reader” button in the upper left corner of your Gmail page to get started.

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